Low Altitude Flying Orb UFO – LAFOUFO01

This Low Altitude orb UFO was captured whilst out UFO hunting and Skywatching, in Eastbourne, England.  UFO Watch UK had spotted this slow-moving object low on the horizon, and noticed its extremely slow flight path.  This prompted him to take a better look thru his Sionyx night vision monocular and start recording. 


About UFO Watch UK:  


UFO Watch UK is a UFO Hunter/Sky-Watcher and Videographer who actively searches for unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and sky anomalies to film, capture, and archive as stock footage for all to use and own.  


UFO stock footage that is affordable and easy to use in your video creations, blogs, vlogs, and commercial productions. 


Where editing is applicable, ‘UFO WATCH UK’ (www.ufowatchuk.com) Will use ‘Wondershare Filmora9 for Business CPC (Windows)’ to complete final editing before uploading video content to my social media channels, and this webpage.  Thus, fully allowing these videos to be authentic and legal to use for any purpose, even commercially. 

Low Altitude Flying Orb UFO – LAFOUFO01

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