What is a Tic Tac UFO and are they flown by Artificial Intelligence or are they Alien?

A Tic Tac UFO with People being transported inside
Could the 'Tic Tac' UFOs be advanced space fleet transporters?

Hello from the Future

If you are a believer in UFOs, then you would have probably heard about a Tic Tac UFO. If you haven't, then you probably should read on anyway.

So, what have we learned so far about the super speedy Tic Tac UFOs? Well, they are fast! In fact, they are still the fastest unidentified flying object that has been recorded. Yes, that is right. These unusually shaped objects have been chased by military aircraft in the past and have been monitored on radar.

Reference to The UFO resembling a “white Tic Tac” spotted in 2004 by Former U.S. Navy pilot Cmdr. David Fravor while on duty at the USS Nimitz. Also, around the same time by Chad Underwood who recorded a bizarre and erratic UFO — now called “the Tic Tac”.

A Tic Tac UFO flying alongside aircraft in mid-air
A Tic Tac UFO Whizzing Past Display Team - Artistic Imagery UFO Stock Footage & Images

What's the latest theories on the Tic Tac UFOs?

Over the years, there have been many theories roaming around about these unusual looking UFOs that resemble a white sweet. Especially the ones about their ability to outsmart and out manoeuvre our modern fighter aircraft. Some of the ideas being proposed are that Tic Tac UFOs are part of a secret space fleet, probably an American black budget programme if you believe that sort of thing. Which would make them more terrestrial than extra-terrestrial. But then again. They could be from another world entirely. These are just theories though. Another theory doing its rounds in Ufology circles is that they are probably being driven by a superior top secret type of artificial intelligence system.

A supercomputer software that can do some seriously fast mathematical equations that seem to future predict and outsmart today's military fighter pilots. More alike unto a quantum computer that is hived with other quantum computers, making it not just the fastest flying object observed, but a master strategist from out of the future!

Tic Tac UFO seen beside red arrows Jet
Tic Tac UFO makes appearance with Red Arrows Jet - Artistic Imagery a UFO Stock Image

The incident that gave the Tic Tac UFO its classification

Whatever the truth about them, they do seem to exist. Especially if we take into account the scenario in which they got their name.

It all began around November 10th, 2004, when some unusual activity was noticed on radar near San Clemente Island, west of San Diego. There was a cluster of some slow-moving objects spotted at an elevation of 28, 000 feet, moving at about 138 mph.

What evolved from these radar observations would turn into an incredible account that had gotten the unidentified flying object its infamous name, the Tic Tac. Following on from this moment would soon evidence some ultra-flying abilities that these Tic Tac UFOs could achieve. Astounding speeds and manoeuvring abilities that could only be scripted out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie. But this was no conspiracy story, this was an actual incident that had been recorded and in infrared from a camera on board an F/A-18 Super Hornet flown by Chad Underwood who would later name it the ‘Tic Tac’.

The famous Tic Tac chase was recorded on a black and white footage from the aircraft, by Chad Underwood as he chased the Tic Tac UFO in a bizarre pursuit.

To get a clearer picture of this detailed chase I would recommend reading this article from the Intelligencer called, Navy Pilot Who Filmed the ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Speaks: ‘It Wasn’t Behaving by the Normal Laws of Physics’ written by Matthew Phelan.

A modern fighter aircraft
A Modern Fighter Aircraft

As for the ‘heads up’ on its ‘out of this world’ manoeuvrability and defilement of known physics. I will list some of the main keywords from that detailed article here so we can try to simulate what that looks like in our minds eye. Prepared to be blown away!

Stats recorded on the day from the footage and debriefings collected after the UFO incident.

1. The footage appeared to show what David Fravor, commanding officer of the Black Aces had seen earlier as a 40 foot-long, white, oblong shape (tic tac) looking object in mid-air during a flight-training exercise.

  • Size of Tic Tac was estimated as 40 foot long.

2. The Tic Tac UFO was seen hovering around 15,000 and 24,000 feet in mid-air and showing no notable signs of exhaust as would be seen from a conventional propulsion aircraft.

3. The Tic Tac UFO was seen defying the known laws of physics as it could blip from 50,000 feet to a hundred feet in seconds, which is not possible, but it did.
4. The footage did show a small source of heat a minute signature, but nothing that resembles conventional aircraft or missiles. There was no exhaust plume and there were no signs of propulsion.

5. The Tic Tac UFOs had zoomed from 60,000 feet to 50 feet above the Pacific Ocean, and without producing sonic booms.

Ok, I think you get the idea for what was witnessed on that day from some of the world's most experienced military pilots. This was one event that was never destined to be kept in the bag. Lucky for us that seems the case, because this event and the flight footage is one of the most exciting pieces of evidence we have seen and witnessed up to this day.

I hope you enjoyed this quick introduction into the Tic Tac UFOs, and the fascinating worlds of unidentified flying objects.

40-foot-long Tic Tac UFO with passengers shown inside
A Tic Tac UFO can measure-in at a whopping 40 feet long – It could be a transporter!

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