UFO Stock Footage – The Creation of Uni 1 The Flying Saucer Prop

Flying Saucer UFO Beachy Head Lighthouse
UFO Stock Footage + Images Uni 1 The Flying Saucer Prop Beachy Head Lighthouse, Eastbourne

Hello UFO Watch UK, can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us what you are about?

UFO Watch UK is a UFO hunter/sky-watcher and videographer who actively searches for unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and sky anomalies to film, capture, and archive as stock footage for all to use and own.

An independent innovator of UFO stock footage and images that are affordable and easy to use in your video creations, blogs, vlogs, and commercial productions.

Tic Tac UFO flying alongside wing walker plane
Enjoy the magic of this ‘Tic Tac UFO’ brought to life with the use of green screen technology, made with a UFO prop

Question to UFO Watch UK. So, you create your own UFO stock footage and images, is that correct?

Answer: Yes, that is correct. In order for me to have commercial viability of my footage and images I have to start by designing my own UFOs and Alien Creatures. This can be done by Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), which is very expensive. Especially when you want to sell your works. Or you can do it like they did in the Hollywood studios back in those days of the big Sci Fi movie sets. Oh, let's say, around the time Star Wars was first being filmed and produced back in 1977.

Hollywood studios were full of creative designers who cleverly invented life looking props that were green-screened into a movie scene. These detailed props of alien creatures, and UFOs were literally brought to life with the magical combination of overlaying recorded scenes with transparent hi-resolution imagery and short movie files.

It is this technique that I have chosen to replicate in my own creative works today. Albeit, on a small financial budget and with an affordable commercial editing software, but I have to admit I am really happy with my results. Plus, I know they will improve each and every time I use them, they will evolve.

Flying saucer UFO flying towards lighthouse on the sea
Uni 1 The Flying Saucer UFO Prop takes a scenic tour of beachy head lighthouse, Eastbourne.

The Creation of Uni 1 - The Flying Saucer Prop

I really enjoyed this part. Inventing and creating my first UFO Prop, the iconic flying saucer which I gave the name of Uni 1. This was my first attempt at building my own UFO and it all began with sketching and drawing your ideas on a piece of paper. Once you have done this a couple of times and started to stimulate and exercise your inner eye of imagination. You begin to see UFOs everywhere. You see UFO shapes and designs in architecture and buildings almost everywhere. Such as, orbs, discs and lofty parallels that begin to stimulate your inner creator for more concepts. Then something evolves from within, and you begin to envision the UFO you now desire.

So, you envision a new product and then you go about creating it, is that right?

So, you have spent a number of days with this creative idea of a UFO design in your mind and now you just want to hold it in your hands. It feels like a lifetime holding onto these ever-changing visuals that are floating around in your mind, and now you realise you need to ground one of them and make it real!

What to do next? Well, I started on Facebook’s marketplace, and just typed in UFOs. The results became interesting very quickly. It became apparent the keyword, ‘UFO’ can be a descriptive label as much as a physical representation. This had opened up all and everything that either had a UFO shape to it, or a UFO design within them, and just about everything from small toys to furniture pieces that had a UFO appeal about them.

I saw the potential in a number of items, but it was still difficult trying to piece together the flying saucer prototype that I had been seeing in my mind's eye. So, I had to get creative. I then decided to go down to the pound store and do a bit of shopping.

I spent a small fortune on glues, plastic bowls, flying frisbees, paint, spray paint, which I have to say was a complete bargain, and anything that looked disc shaped. With a little combination of both, items bought locally via the Facebook marketplace and some items bought from the internet. Like L.E.D strip lighting for example.

I then began an artistic revolution in the garage away from everyone. This proved useful. As I began spraying this item, and then converting this L.E.D light strip into this light source, and then reshaping this with that and after some hours of tinkering around, I had it in front of me. My first-born flying saucer, my UFO called Uni 1.

Flying Saucer UFO flying towards red and white lighthouse at beachy head, Eastbourne
Uni 1 The Flying Saucer UFO Prop - Brings a touch of magic to hi-resolution commercial photography

Ok, now that you got a new UFO prop, how do you create a stock footage or image from it?

Awesome! I now have this new shiny metallic silver/grey flying saucer UFO. It looks like a real gem, a real eye grabber. It even has its own lights that glow in all changing colours, very real looking especially at night time. Super awesome!

Now, I begin to take lots of hi-resolution images of it to get a feel for it on the computer

screen. It really looks the part; I am now very happy about its potential.

Question to myself: Now, how do you separate the UFO from its background so you can use

it as an overlay image?

OK, that’s when you need to consider using a ‘green screen’ and set yourself up a mini studio while you are at it. Oh, and then you must get a professional camera for those hi-resolution images, something like a Canon EOS 90D. Yes, definitely one of those. Ah, and a big must have is a video editing software that you can use commercially because you want to have exclusive rights to sell your new creative works. That’s right, you got it, copyright.

Great, so you got your green screen set up, and your UFO prop is bracketed to the wall, and hidden in the green zone. You then meticulously set up your lighting just like a professional photographer because you are going to be taking lots of hi-resolution photo images of your new product. Then you are going to analyse each one on your computer.

Next, you choose those you like best. You then open your commercially paid video editing software, upload your green screened UFO images. Then you background imagery of oh let's say, an iconic landscape, or a 4K video of the sky and clouds that you had recorded early.

You then prepare to create the magical merging of both via the green screen technology, and a lot of tweaking, blending, keyframing, adding some effects. Plus, some other components that will bring your UFO prop to life. Just like they did in Hollywood back in 1977.

The power of ‘green screen technology’ is unanimous among the many video creators. Once you have it, it becomes your key template that you can pretty much implement into any video or imagery. Giving you the creative power of the big screen. Your own little taste of Hollywood, and the best part is, it is yours, and if you use a paid for commercially allowed editing software then you can monetise it, go commercial, and sell your digital product legally, and safely.

Excellent, so you converted a prop into a green screen ready to use, now what happens?

The beauty of being an independent photographer, and videographer is the freedom to create your own work of art. I can turn a landscape hi-resolution photograph into a mesmerising scene that shares an ultra-secret. Like the Loch Ness Monster that is slightly emerging from beneath the water line, or a super speedy Tic Tac UFO flying across the sky in a 4K high-definition video.

The potential to create these magical scenes are endless. If you can imagine it, then you can create it. This is the fun part for me, and although it seems like a hobby, I do have an intention to commercialise my works. I want to be able to fund further work, and watch the business grow!

The Uni 1 Flying saucer UFO T-shirt worn on a female model
Uni 1 The Flying Saucer UFO Prop - Brings a touch of magic to hi-resolution commercial merchandise

The intention is anyway, to create a library of UFO stock footage and images that are affordable and easy to use in your video creations, blogs, vlogs, and commercial productions. For example, you might want to buy an image with a flying saucer that you want to add into a news article or a book you intend to publish.

You could be creating a documentary or a branded video for your YouTube channel. If this is the case, then you will need to outsource for this kind of niche stock footage and images. This is exactly where I fit in. My website is open 24 hours a day, the shop has all the products available for you to download and use them instantly in your projects.

Another intention of mine is the affordability of my stock footage and images. I want them

accessible to anyone, anywhere, and for any purpose no matter what your budget. I remembered when I first started out blogging many, many years ago. I would spend hours upon hours searching for that perfect image to add into my article. I didn’t have enough money to buy stock images, it was financially extortionate. Some stock images back then could range from £20 up to £70 and I could never afford that. It was frightening and ridiculous. I used to think to myself.

I also understood that I couldn’t just use any image from the internet because of copyright laws and the complications of the intellectual property rights of others. Which, I fully understood and always abided with.

It was the tiresome act of trying to get permissions to use an image, and the lengthy attributions to the original authors. It is these memories that stuck with me, and I didn’t like it, why is it so damn complicated and ridiculously expensive. Some people just want to make a YouTube video and express themselves through their creative works. I still feel the frustrations in those memories trying to search through public domain images and video archives. It was miserable.

To show my good intention and belief in what I do, I gave everyone an instant commercial use licence, with every stock footage and image. This license that I had created was everyone's ticket to use the stock footage and images for any purpose, even commercially. And you don’t need to attribute or worry about copyright claims ever! Simply, it becomes your product once bought and is yours forever, and ever, and ever...

Final Summary

I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog and I also hope it has provided some fresh insights into the products that I am offering in my store. I do believe stock footage and stock images can be affordable, and available to all. Beit, the blogger or a production company. It is my intention to keep creating my UFO stock footage and images, and hope they find their way into your personal projects, and video productions.

flying saucer UFO flying to the Moon
Uni 1 The flying Saucer Prop Goes to the Moon

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