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TR3B Black Triangle UFOs Stock Footage - From Prop to Shop!

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What do we know about this UFO Guy?

Mark Bennis aka UFO Watch UK is a freelance video editor, videographer, and photographer based in Eastbourne, England.

UFO Watch UK, the name he is better known as. Is a UFO hunter/sky-watcher and videographer who actively searches for unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and sky anomalies to film, capture, and archive as stock footage for all to use and own.

Who spends his days creating UFO, alien and paranormal scenes to film and photograph and sell as stock footage, and images via his website’s ecommerce store!

So, you create your own UFO stock footage and images, is that correct?

Yes, that is right. Officially, I am an independent innovator, creator of UFO & aliens stock footage, and images. What does that mean? Simply put, I create them and edit them into short movies for others to have and use in whatever way they like. My products are affordable and easy to use in your video creations, blogs, vlogs, and commercial productions.

This includes designing and then creating UFOs and aliens from an idea into a physical prop. Paint them, and then put them through the photography room before finally capturing the best versions on a green screen, ready for editing on the computer.

Once this stage is complete, I can then use my new UFO and alien prop templates and create short stock footage movie scenes, and stock images for blogs, vlogs, news articles and things like that.

The benefits of me doing this makes my work easy and transparent for others to trust and feel comfortable with, especially in a world where commercial viability is needed.

I am a small-time UFO and alien stock footage and stock image specialist who is independently run. This helps other branded businesses trust in my work and its (IP) Intellectual Property License that I generously give with each and every product I create. You get a lifetime's commercial use licence with each footage and images that you download. Which is perfect if you want to create commercial videos, or even sell the footage on.