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Commercially Allowed UFO Stock Footage 

A silver disc UFO with a blue alien named Dave, who can be seen piloting the flying craft.
A Grey Alien Hybrid Extraterrestrial.


"We're an independent Innovator of UFO & aliens stock footage and images. Who use videography and photography to create short video reels, images and UFO merchandise which also includes a unique collection of UFOs and alien's stickers. We’re proud to be able to create our very own products that are mostly digital, and some physical to the mainstream of UFO and alien's collectors, fans and enthusiast. Our e-commerce store has a variety of unique looking merchandise that will please many enthusiasts who love all things UFO and aliens.” 

UFO stock footage and images that are affordable and easy to use in your video creations, blogs, vlogs, reels videos and commercial productions.   

 You get a lifetime's commercial use licence with each footage and images that you download. Which is perfect if you want to create commercial videos, or even sell the footage on.  

The benefits of buying stock footage and images from my store is simple. They are hassle free, with no strings attached, and no worrying about copyright claims either.  The licence agreement has you covered, for that extra peace of mind too.  

Simply put. I have made buying and using my stock footage/images so easy, cheap, and super commercially friendly. That all you have to worry about is, well nothing really. It is really that simple. Buy from the store, you get the download link sent to your email, and the footage or images are yours forever, and ever. You can do what you want with them, sell them if you want too. They are yours!   

Where do you get your footage from?  

a pointer


Answer:  I personally film my own footage and never outsource from film stock footage.  I actively go out and film scenes like clouds, stars, the moon, the countryside, seaside, coastal areas, and just about anywhere I have the privilege to go and film. 

What equipment do you use to film your footage? 

Answer: I have in the bag ready to go anywhere, a (Sony Camcorder HDR-CX240E), this is great for a backup camcorder, shoots good in 1920 x 1080 HD in bright environments, and has an excellent zoom.  


Answer: Also, for nigh time recording I love to use a (Sionyx Aurora Sports Night Vision Camera). It has a unique feature that can allow it to see almost in colour during the night, and depending on the ambient light feed, you get an awesome mix of colours from the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum.  Only downside is it is maxed out filming at 1280 x 720 HD but is an excellent night vision camera.  


Answer: For the high definition and 4K Ultra HD filming.  I will often use a Canon EOS 90D Camera, with built in 4K recording capability.  Enough said about the quality there!    

What editing software do you use to edit your stock footage? 

Answer: Since I began Dec 26, 2021, I have been using product:  Wondershare Filmora9 for Business CPC (Windows).  This version is for business use and allows me to edit, create and produce all my video footages.


Answer: It also allows me to include the use of free transitions, effects, elements (VFX), Split screens, filters, and the only exception to the law, is their audio.  Which is great because I don’t use audio in my stock footage movies.   

Wondershare Filmora Video Editing Suite
UFO Stock Footage.PNG

Why Don’t you use sound in your UFO stock Footage? 


Where it is applicable. Sometimes there is no audio in the final edit, and sometimes I will leave in some organic audio from the recording. The reason for this is to protect my customers from unwanted copyright claims due to sound files that may be heard in the background. Such as a radio, or television playing. These types of sound files are often interpreted by certain software that searches out uploaded content.   

I only use footage I have recorded, and will only leave in audio sound files that I have recorded myse. Such as my voice, ambient sounds around me, like the sounds from the sea. Wind, my breathing, walking, running, and organic SFX created by myself while I am in editing mode via a microphone etc.  Then I will only use an editor that is purposed for commercial use by myself, and for my customers. This ensures commercial rights for all involved. This is how I maintain an absolute product that is free from any copyright claims from anyone, anywhere. This ensures that you can trust in my stock footage and upload them into your productions without fear of copyright claims. 

Where do you get the UFOs, you use in your Stock Footage? 

Answer:  I create my own UFOs.  I will build my own props as you would do on a filming production set and use a green screen to take hi-resolution photos of them.  I can then overlay my UFOs onto a scenic video I had recorded previously and create UFO Stock Footage.  

I also enjoy UFO hunting, sky-watching and of course videography. A sweet combination which is perfect for searching for unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and sky anomalies to film, capture, and archive as stock footage for all to use and own. 

Flying Saucer Prop
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