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If you are a lover of weird, spooky and otherworldly things then you have come to the right place.  UFO Watch UK is an independent Innovator of UFO & aliens stock footage and images.  Who uses videography and photography to create short video reels, images and UFO merchandise which also includes a unique collection of UFOs and alien's stickers. In fact, he is proud to be able to create his very own products that are mostly digital, and some physical to the mainstream of UFO and alien's collectors, fans and enthusiasts.  


Here you can watch, browse, or just have fun watching these short UFO and Aliens video reels. Also, it might give you a taste for what you can create with my UFO and Alien stock footage which are available to download from my website store. Each download comes with a lifetime licence which basically means it is yours forever so you can do what you want with your new footage.  

UFO Watch UK – Creates realistic simulations for those who have never seen a UFO. To be honest, most people are never going to get better than this. Through the art of videography and photography immersive scenarios have been created and styled to give the watcher a front row experience second to none. Every detail from the positioning of stars, clouds movements, ambient sounds, that will expand your consciousness and awareness for spotting a UFO, all whilst watching the footage. 
So, sit back and stick the headphones on, turn the volume up, expand the video screen and immerse yourself into these dynamic footages of UFOs, Aliens and the Paranormal. A Lot of work has gone into these realistic simulated videos so do enjoy!